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  Our Atlantic Section News Updated : 2024 February 2nd
  We'll post anthing news worthy here.
  2024 AGM Information

   This year our AGM will be an on-line event. Details and dates are being worked out, once these are known it'll be posted here and memers will be notified through e-mail.

   Our 2025 AGM will be in-person, there will be elections and we will host a Trade Show. As soon as dates and location are know it'll be posted here and memers will be notified through e-mail.

   Regarding the upcoming 2025 AGM, Elections and Trade-Show; is there anything you would like to see / not see, do / not do compared to our last AGM / Trade-Show in 2023?

  2023 MAY 17th, Trade Show / AGM

   IMSA Atlantic hosted their first Trade Show and In Person AGM in three years at the Courtyard by Marriott, Dartmouth Crossing this past Wednesday, May 18th.

    The hotel's combined conference rooms, Pine, Maple and Birch had wall to wall venders, thirteen in total. Seven venders took the opportunity to provide Technical Sessions on their product.

   Several venders as well as the IMSA Atlantic Section provide numerous gifts for the business card draw which was held between 14:50 and 15:00, members had to be present to receive the gift. Majority were gift cards, ranging from $50 to $100, plus a couple of 10,000 mAh Power Banks were gifted.

   At 15:05 members gathered for the AGM, 29 of our Atlantic members registered in the morning to attend the event.

  Short speaches were given by :

   Leslie Vanderbeck, President
   Huge thank-you to Sebastien for single handedly organizing the Trade Show & AGM.
   Thanks to all the members who attended.
   Thanks to the venders and the great gifts.
   Explanation of insurance requirement as per IMSA International (IMSA Int.).
      - IMSA Int. no longer cover Sections under their umbrella pachage.
      - Protection for the Section in the event of an incident.
      - Possibly funded by applying fees for events to members and venders.
         - preference is to maintain minimum cost to attending members.
      - Possibly funded by sponership from venders - we're looking into this option.
   Sections Web Site it up and running at full potential, easier to maintain.

   Dave Hutt, Certification Chair
   Explanation of Trainging and Exams with respect to IMSA Int. loss of Education.
      - IMSA Int. provide Dave with a list of Answers students are to know to be certified.
      - It was left to Dave to build the training around those answers so you could be certified.
      - IMSA Int. promised to certify students who had a passing grade.
      - There are no longer books / binders to aquire to study prior training sessions.
      - There are downloadable pages, pictures on the left, blank lines for noted on the right
   The need for more Moderators.
   Possible fall session, letters will go out to members, check our web site for updates.

   Sabastien Fournier, Secretary / Treasurer
   Explanation of Policy requirements as per IMSA Int.
      - Policy for handeling funds.
      - What the rolls are for elected bodies.
      - Update By-Laws.
   Financial update.
   Explanation for loss of funds from IMSA Int.
      - On-line training / certification seen significant funds returned to IMSA Atlantic.
      - These funds were ear-marked to start scholarships for our Community Colleges.
      - When IMSA Int. seperated from their Education Partner, these fund returns stopped.

   Sebastien will be going to school in the fall, please be patient with any request sent his way.
   This will be is his full time job for the next four years.
   All the best to Sebastien as he works towards his Engineering Degree.

Election Results for 2023 - 2025 :

~ Elected Board ~
   Kent Harris - President
   Gary Jones - Vice-President
   Jim McIsaac - 2nd Vice-President
   Sebastien Fournier - Secretary & Treasurer
   Kyle Miller - Section Delegate
   Leslie Vanderbeck - Alternate Delegate
   Dave Hutt - Certification Chair
   Leslie Vanderbeck - Web / Communications

~ Directors At Large ~
   Matt Fralic
   Dan Winchester
   Jeff Sampson

   Members elected who are new to the board as well as new directors attended a ceremony were they were sworn in by Sebastien, witnessed by Leslie.

   Following the AGM, remaining members stayed for a round table of open discussions.

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